The Vegetarian VW
1983 gas VW, with a 1981 jetta diesel motor and an 80 diesel trany

This site is about how I converted a diesel VW, to one fueled by vegetable oil.
Enjoy it while it is here because it will soon be no longer free. It will only be here till the 8th of July. I am in the process of moving.
I'm working on a geocities site Can't figure how to link you from here or I would.
Come on in and look around. It's all about tinkering. Finding LOWTECH ways to use the things that are free. Stuff that most people throw away. My main project is the car that runs on vegetable oil.

This information is free to look at. Don't sell it. My detailed booklet discribes what I've learned by my mistakes and successes. Contact me for a copy. The $10 donation helps fund other projects.