Toyota Estima / Lucida parts

below is a list of parts available through our UK outlet for the above vehicle.

    Toyota Estima Lucida Parts

Prices and availability may vary according to vehicle spec. Please quote chassis number.

Prices shown are based on a 2.2 TD Toyota Estima fitted with a 3CTE engine and non ABS brakes.

We can also rebuild your Toyota Estima Engine. Prices varies depending on the repairs nessasary.


Retail Price

Belt air con


Belt Alternator


Belt Steering


Belt, cam


Brake caliper


Brake caliper


Brake hoses?

Brake pads


Brake shoes


Brakes, Disks


Brakes, Rear disk

Brakes, Rear drum

Brakes, rear drum


Brakes, Rear pads

Brakes, Wheel cyl


Brakes, Wheel cyl


Cam belt Idler

Cam Belt tensioner

Clutch cover

Clutch kit


Clutch master


Clutch plate

Clutch slave


Clutch, Release bearing

Cooling, Rad cap

Cooling, Radiator Thick

Cooling, Radiator Thin

Cooling, T'ostat small (48mm)


Cooling, T'stat large (54 mm)


Cooling,Water pump


Engine, Big end


Engine, Cylinder head bare


Engine, Cylinder head exchange recon.


Engine, exhaust Valve

Engine, Full gasket Set


Engine, Glow plug


Engine, Head Bolts


Engine, Head Gasket


Engine, Head set (inc H/G)


Engine, inlet valve

Engine, Main bearings


Engine, Oil pressure switch


Engine, Oil Pump kit


Engine, Piston Rings


Engine, Pistons


Engine, Pressure release valve


Engine, Recondition injectors

Engine, Starter motor

Engine, Tappet Shim


Engine, Thrust washers


Engine, valve guide

Engine,Timing belt


Click here to see Toyota Estima engine rebuild

Filter, Air


Filter, Fuel


Filter, K&N


Filter, Oil


Front pads


Solenoid or solenoid contacts?

Sus, front shock


Sus, front shock


Sus, Inner tre

Sus, Rear shock


Sus, rear shock


Sus, rear wheel bearing


Sus, Wheel bearing


Sus,Anti rollbar bush


Sus,Ball joint


Sus,Tr end

Sus,Tr end

Trans, Cv boot




Wiper arm


Wiper arm




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